Tips for Dealing with foods to avoid when pregnant

foods to avoid when pregnant can be rather worrying. To catch flu and cold is possible during pregnancy because pregnant women are more vulnerable to infections, as the immune system is often weak. By the suppression of the immune, it also happens that women have higher developing complication risks which include pneumonia. If pneumonia is what is happening, it is better to take a thorough examination on the pregnant women, as in several cases, pneumonia can be fatal.

With the concern on flu during pregnancy discussed in the previous paragraph, pregnant women should not be taking any OTC or over the counter medications without having a check with the doctor. This is because many of the medicines of flu and cold have not been made and evaluated in pregnant women.  The use of these drugs may slow the fetus growth or increase the birth defect risk.

Tips for Alleviate the Flu

When you, a pregnant woman, catch flu then you may want to look at the tips below to help you to alleviate some of the uncomfortable feeling that accompanies. First flu during pregnancy tip is to make sure you have enough sleep. Sleeping is a healing activity for the body to repair itself. The immune function can be increased by sleeping, so that the body is able to fight the infection. Moreover, exercise is also a good thing to keep your body health. Exercise will help your body to recover from illness and fight illness faster.

Keeping your body away from dehydration is also important. Staying dehydrated is necessary because the water can help your body to get the system flushed the toxins away. Woman who catches flu during pregnancy should drink water at least 8-ounce glasses a day. This way, you can keep your health, as well as keeping the healthy environment for the baby.

Eating healthy food is also included as an effort. It is important to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, so that your body will get antioxidant vitamins and minerals for the infections to be driven away. Drink fresh juice, better the squeezed one, for it contains vitamins. If you are smoking, you should be better stop. Your flu can be worsened and it can also harm the fetus. The chemical from the cigarettes pass from the mother to the baby through the bloodstream, so you may think again about smoking. Taking a good care of your body means the health of the baby.

Flu Shot as Alternative

The tips are done, but you may want to take an alternative to cure your flu. Instead of taking the medicine, it is recommended to get a flu shot. It may happen that the flu during pregnancy dangerous. It has been shown that the flu shot can protect both the mother and the baby of up to six months old. This is a safe way, and it has been given to many pregnant women. Thus, not only keeping your health for the health of the baby, getting the flu shot as solution when you happen to catch flu during pregnancy.

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