Foods to avoid when Pregnancy and Things to Consider

Pregnant women usually have to prepare for an attack of foods to avoid when pregnant. If you are pregnant and have a flu, do not worry because it is a symptom that almost all pregnant women will have during their pregnancy. The cause for this flu is nothing special. During our pregnancy, the body immune system will have a harder time fighting viruses and bacteria. This makes us easier to catch on common diseases like influenza and other diseases. You will likely catch on cold during the third to fourth semester of your pregnancy. The symptoms you feel in cold during pregnancy usually are worse than the symptoms of standard flu you usually have in your usual condition.


The Symptoms


Several symptoms of flu during pregnancy are actually the same as when you have symptoms of flu in your daily life. It is only that when you are pregnant, your body naturally becomes weaker and spends more energy in nursing the baby in your womb. Thus, the symptoms that usually have a little effect to how you feel will become worse and cause more troubles. Here are the symptoms:

  • Coughing. Coughing will come like usual but it will stay longer than usual. If usually the coughing will stop after three days, the cough might last for a week when you are pregnant.
  • Runny nose will be more annoying and will even disturb your sleep when you have influenza during your pregnancy. You have to drink a lot of water to make sure you all well hydrated.
  • Fever. The fever will rise rather high if you have it during pregnancy. The fever could reach 100°F or even higher so you have to be careful.
  • Body aches usually accompanies the series of flu during pregnancy symptoms. This could come to you at an extreme level that moving around become something painful for you. In a day like this, do not force yourself and stay lying while keeping your nutrient intake enough to recover your immune system.


The Treatments


There is always an option when you are going to have flu during pregnancy treatment. One of the treatments that can drive the virus away is by having a vaccine. It is okay even if you are pregnant, to have influenza vaccine. Rather than relying on the weakening immune system, having an influenza vaccine could become a nice option. It is also safe for pregnant women because the vaccine will not have any side effects on the health of your baby.  It is best though, to have the flu shots before you catch any flu during pregnancy. So when you know you are pregnant, consider having a flu shot as a countermeasure for the future so that you do not have to catch a cold.


Those are the symptoms and optional treatments that you can have. If you are planning to get pregnant or is already pregnant, it is best that you do a preventive action by having a flu shot. It is not dangerous for your baby so you can do this before you catch a cold. Rather than having to suffer from symptoms of flu during pregnancy, preventing yourself from having flu is far better.

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