Things to Know About foods to avoid when pregnant

Beware of flu during pregnancy. During pregnancy, every mother should always control their health regularly. This should be supported by their husbands with important notes. Moreover, the stomach flu during pregnancy is not often taken seriously.



Therefore, we must understand the condition, symptoms and how it happens. In the meantime, we need to distinguish it from several other problems that might be caused by the natural phenomenon of pregnancy. Of course, you need a solution to solve or anticipate any risks of problems during pregnancy. Always pay attention to the finer points as medical and health requirements. Well, here are some things you should know about the disorder.


Beware the Virus


If a mother has flu during pregnancy, you may regard it as something natural. Perhaps, there are the weather factors that influence the mother’s condition. But, we also do not underestimate how the disease experienced by a mother will affect the baby with an important note that the flu is caused by a virus. Sometimes, we cannot distinguish the flu with the common cold. That is what will bring us the new issue of the importance of health care during pregnancy. This problem becomes a serious concern when there are a lot of experiences of the mother with the flu.


Is It Dangerous?


One critical question is flu during pregnancy dangerous?


Actually, it would be highly dependent on the care and healing. Typically, pregnant women will be susceptible to the flu. This is due to several natural factors that tend to make a woman become weak. The immune system will decrease drastically, fever, and sometimes be accompanied by headache. If a mother is not pregnant, she may be healed with medication. However, it will not be possible for a mother to understand. Any drug will affect the baby. Several examples of proving such as premature birth, meanwhile, there are other problems such as less weight infants.


One very important note is a natural phenomenon. Sometimes, we cannot distinguish the flu during pregnancy with unusual symptoms. It could be that a mother may be experiencing morning sickness. Or, are there some digestive disorders that affect pain in the abdomen. It could be very hurt or normal. Generally, it causes constipation, nausea and some other stomach problems. Usually, it will only last for several days. But note that it will not exceed three days. If there are complaints for more than three days, you should see a doctor.


To cope with the disorder, there are at least two ways. First of all is by keeping the health and always choose the right foods. You never know how the virus will spread and cause health problems. Meanwhile, you also need to keep the environment clean. Note this very carefully and check your clean state. In the meantime, do not ever take a risk by taking drugs. Remember that pregnancy is very vulnerable to any disruption. The most appropriate solution is to always consult a doctor. With serious consideration, you can overcome and heal it, naturally. Now, please be aware of the risks of the flu during pregnancy.

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